The internet has changed the way we do everything. It has changed the way we watch TV and movies, how we communicate and maintain relationships, how day-to-day business is conducted, and has even changed the way we shop. More people now than ever are turning online to purchase their goods and services and for good reason – the internet has more stores, better prices, more selection, and more options than even one hundred Mall of Americas. Not to mention that shopping on your couch in your pajamas is much easier than putting gas in your car and driving to the mall. Online shopping is growing every day, including for one of the most important pieces of jewelry out there – the engagement ring.

Buying an engagement ring online is much different from purchasing one in a brick and mortar store, but it also comes with special considerations and rules. Let’s look at a few tips for shopping for engagement rings online so you know what you’re getting into.

Keep It Like a Secret

A quick tip for online ring shoppers from John Atencio – hide your tracks! Use incognito mode or a private computer to shop for your rings online – don’t ruin the surprise.

Trust Your Source (Only Shop High Quality)

There are thousands of online engagement ring retailers, but you should only trust high-quality sources. Use a mixture of common sense (don’t visit and reviews and ratings to judge the jeweler. Any site you shop at MUST be secure, look for a lock next to the site’s URL or that the site begins with https instead of http that indicate a secure server.

Look for high quality photographs, this means the site is invested enough in their pieces and site to shell out for expensive photography so they can show their jewelry off. Magnification and being able to rotate the picture also tell you more about the ring compared to static pictures. The more high-quality pictures of the ring, the better.

Compare Prices

Always compare prices of jewelry before you could purchase. One online outlet could have lower prices than the other. Try using reverse Google image search on pictures of the ring to see if it’s available at other sites and what the prices are.

We’re now shopping online for everything including engagement rings, but shopping online can be a small gamble. Only visit secure, reputable sites with great reviews and always compare prices. Let your tastes and love guide you the rest of the way to pick out the perfect engagement ring for your future beloved.