Kelly Kosky was born in Canada, and he grew up in a conservative Jewish home. Both his parents were committed Jews. After eight years of Hebrew school and doing his bar mitzvah at age 13, Kelly left the Jewish faith.

Being a teenager was difficult, and he seemed to always be in trouble with drugs and the law. Eventually, he was confronted with the decision to either continue rebelling or straighten up. He opted to turn his life around and started applying himself to academics and athletics.

Kelly attended San Diego State University for his undergraduate studies and UCLA for graduate work. He completed several degrees and ultimately became a CPA.

In 1970, Kelly met Kathy through her best friend. They began dating and were married in 1976. Shortly after their marriage, while living in northern Idaho, Kelly and Kathy began attending a local church. They also began to read the Bible and learn more about God’s plan of salvation. Kelly soon met a local logger, who shared the Gospel with him. Kelly was cautious but very interested. Within a few months, Kelly accepted Jesus as his Savior and Lord, and he committed his life to follow Christ. Not long after that, Kathy entered into a personal relationship with Jesus.

The Koskys then moved from Idaho to northwest Montana to start their family. Kelly had a CPA corporation in Montana, and he also did some teaching at a local college. In addition, he was part of a financial team that advised the governor. Kathy became the county public health nurse. But with two infants at home, she gave up her career as a nurse to focus her energy on family and homeschooling the children.